Compass Adjustment & Deviation Analysis

Compass adjustment and deviation analysis

Everybody onboard a ship understand the importance of knowing the ships true heading. In an emergency the magnetic compass may be the only source of finding the shortest way to the nearest port. Therefore SOLAS Ch. 5, Reg. 19.2 states: "All ships, irrespective of size, shall have a properly adjusted standard magnetic compass to determine the ships heading with means of correcting heading and bearings to true at all times". This means that if there is a magnetic compass onboard the vessel it has to be adjusted and a deviation card has to be prepared. The deviation of the compass shall be established bi-annually and if the deviation exceeds 5 degrees the compass shall be adjusted.

At Grinde Maritime AS we have authorized compass adjusters with many years of seagoing experience which understand the importance of staying within the regulations.

Please also read this Gard Alert newsletter regarding compass adjustment.

There are numerous international regulations regarding magnetic compasses onboard ships. These are some of them:

  • ISO STANDARD 25862:2009
  • UK Maritime & Coastguard Agency regulations:
  • SOLAS CONVENTION: Reg 19 - Carriage requirements for shipborne navigational systems and Equipment
  • SOLAS CONVENTION: Annex 13 - Magnetic Compasses
  • SOLAS CONVENTION: Annex 20 - Inspection and Survey of Navigational Equipment

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